Conference Presentation protocols

Dear Presenters

This is a short set of presentation protocols that we hope will help things run as smoothly as possible! Please do read them carefully.

  • All presentation slots are 20 minutes. This is the same regardless of whether you are on a panel with 3 or 4 presenters. There are, however, a couple of panels who have elected to have commentators. If you are one of those, please adjust that 20 minutes per person to allow for the commentator and maintain time for questions. Please keep to time. Its critical everyone do this, especially with some presenters on Zoom.
  • Please double check time zones. While we have tried to help by indicating time zones on the conference program, we suggest you check as we are not infallible and summer time can be tricky.
  • No papers are required in advance.
  • Zoom links will be sent to everyone who has registered online prior to the event. We would ask you not to share these. It’s a small registration fee to attend the entire conference virtually and we would ask you to respect that and not share with those who have not registered.
  • Zoom sharing will be enabled – so if you have a power point please cue it up prior to your presentation, either virtually or, if you are in person, by ensuring you are in the room a few minutes early to load it and also to allow for the software randomly insisting on updating. Once you have finished your presentation please promptly un-share.
  • Questions will be taken of course from both virtual and in person audiences. If you are in person, raise your hand as usual! If you are virtual, please type the question in the chat if you are happy for the Chair to read it out or type your name if you want to ask it in person and the chair will indicate when it’s your turn.
  • Something will go wrong somewhere. It is inevitable with technology. We hope that everyone will roll with it and understand that we will do our best to fix issues and ensure everyone has the best possible experience. Conversely, we also understand bandwidth and other problems and will do our best to accommodate problems virtual presenters might experience with their tech.
  • Some presentations may be recorded and available upon request for a short time after the conference.
  • For tech or other problems during the conference please email [email protected]

See you soon!

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  1. Oksana Ermolaeva says:

    Dear colleagues
    I still can not register for the conference. I’ve tried to process the transaction of teh conference fee multiple times, but it doesn’t work. I’ve received an email from an official from the Front desk, responsible for accomodation, and I responded to her. But then again nothing happens. Can you please help me with processing the transaction?

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