Legal Histories of Empires Conference 2022 – Program Update

Dear Colleagues,

The organising committee continues to work on arrangements for the third Legal Histories of Empires Conference (Maynooth, Ireland, 29 June-1 July 2022). We are very much looking forward to it!

We just want to update everyone as to where we are.

First, we will be posting the abstract book in the next two weeks. You will be able to see details of all the papers and panels. We are releasing this, perhaps a little unusually, ahead of the conference program. This is because, given the uncertainty surrounding international travel and COVID-19, we have decided to delay putting together the schedule. We understand final decisions about travel are difficult so – rather than re-write the schedule several times – we will be waiting a little so that everyone is a little more certain about their movements. As you can imagine, putting together a program that is hybrid and crosses many time-zones will be complicated.

We will confirm with you all closer to the event what mode you will be presenting in. So please do keep an eye out for our post on this website.

This means that we will not open registration just yet either given it depends on mode of participation. But we would ask that when we do – given that it will be closer than usual to the event – that you all register as promptly as possible. We also note that there will be a COVID-19 vaccination requirement for the conference, consistent with Irish travel regulations. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all.

More soon!

Shaunnagh and Lyndsay

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