Legal Histories of Empires Meets COVID-19

We are very much looking forward to gathering very soon in Maynooth. We would like to hold this conference as safely as reasonably possible, so we thought we would set in place some cautious COVID-19 policies and practices that we hope will end in everyone leaving the conference healthy and ready for new adventures. Although Ireland in general is ‘business as usual’, we are a diverse group of travellers.

  1. We have booked large classrooms in the John Hume building (rooms 1-4 and 6) for the conference, so people can spread out.
  2. Please plan to wear a mask in the classrooms and elsewhere indoors, unless you are speaking at the podium or actively eating or drinking.
  3. We are endeavouring to arrange boxed lunches, so that you can take your lunch outdoors or at least can spread out.
  4. We are having a reception before the plenary rather than a sit-down dinner, partly to make it easier to spread out and partly because it is a Legal Histories of Empires tradition to give participants an opportunity to sample the local entertainment and refreshments.
  5. We understand that the residences are aiming to group our participants together in apartments, so that if you are staying in residence you should end up sharing an apartment with other conference participants. We also understand that residence staff may ask for proof of vaccination and that they ask that masks be worn in residence if you are outside your own room. Please consult correspondence you have received from the accommodations people for information ([email protected]).
  6. Some participants may need to show negative COVID tests as they continue on with their travels. It is possible to get covid testing with an appointment at Dublin Airport ( Antigen testing in preparation for travel may also be available in Maynooth at Hickey’s Pharmacy ( Hickey’s has informed us that you need to book an appointment in advance online and that they offer appointments only in the morning. They appear to be the only outfit offering travel covid testing within walking distance of the campus. We highly recommend that if you will need testing to go onward, you make your testing appointment well in advance. (Maynooth is in Kildare.)
  7. General rules for travelling to Ireland (including Northern Ireland) are here: Different countries (even within the EU) have different rules, and we encourage you to stay abreast of the rules pertinent to your itinerary.
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